Retford pc repairs
Retford pc repairs
Retford laptop screen replacement

Reuse is the best form of Recycling

So you may or may not know that The Computer Technician, as a business is all about Reuse, as much as possible.
Through computer/laptop repair and through the sale of refurbished computers / Laptops.

This also runs through my personal life.
So this weekend, I plan to build a PC for me out of mainly used parts from my son’s old gaming machine donated to me over a year ago. (might be two years)

My old PC also a very old PC, that I was given from a very thankful customer many years ago.
Is getting even to slow for my modest use.
With the cost of new computer parts being so high, this will be a bit of fun and economical for me.
I have the spare parts, let’s hope all the used parts still work.

Update 12/6/19, all parts worked in my new PC and My old PC will be sold on or given away to a new home.