Retford pc repairs
Retford pc repairs
Retford laptop screen replacement

Reuse is the best form of Recycling

So you may or may not know that The Computer Technician, as a business is all about Reuse, as much as possible.
Through computer/laptop repair and the sale of refurbished computers / Laptops.

This also runs through my personal life.
So this weekend, I plan to build a PC for myself out of mainly used parts from my son’s old gaming machine donated to me over a year ago. (might be two years)

My old PC is also a very old PC, that I was given by a very thankful customer many years ago.
Is getting even too slow for my modest use.
With the cost of new computer parts being so high, this will be a bit of fun and economical for me.
I have the spare parts, let’s hope all the used parts still work.

Update 12/6/19, all parts worked in my new PC, and My old PC, I will be selling my old PC or given away to a new home.
Update 21/9/22 this is still going with more upgrades of Solid state drives, SSD upgrades is one of the most popular jobs I do for my customers with older laptops and PCs.
Update11/1/23 This PC now has a new graphics card after the last very old one failed.
This shows that you do not need to buy a new computer all the time, and upgrades can extend the life of a laptop or PC for years in some cases.

The yearly (2024) update PC still going strong, and standing up to online gaming too. no parts were added this year and no repairs.